The company REMIN spol. s r. o. has held the Quality Certificate that it meets the requirements of CSN EN ISO 9001: 2001 in the field of “Engineering activities in construction” since 2002. The certification has enabled us, among other things, to unify the outputs of our company in all the projects, and, thus, we have managed to ensure a uniform standard of all our services. The elaboration of the entire quality management system has led to partial modifications of the organisational and management structure of the company with the aim of further rationalise our activities. In 2016, we obtained the certificate according to the new standard CSN EN ISO 9001: 2016.

Continuous improvement of the quality of our work is understood as a never-ending process with the aim of a greater satisfaction of our clients.

REMIN spol. s r. o., 120 00 Prague 2, Slezská 949/32
1.To obtain a contract, it is necessary to ensure the highest possible quality of the delivery.
2.Every worker is familiar with the necessity of product quality.
3.Workers are continuously trained in new regulations and technologies to ensure the quality of their work.
4.Improving quality is a continuous process.
5.Improving quality and skills leads to increase in productivity.
6.Efforts of The company management strives to ensure the satisfaction of our employees.
7.High quality of work will be rewarded accordingly.
8.We want to systematically increase our reputation among customers, competitiveness and performance.
9.We use the latest scientific and technical knowledge available in our field.
10.REMIN spol. s r. o. carries out all its activities with an emphasis on the environment and its conservation.