Obytný soubor Vivus Kolbenova - 1. etapa Place: Praha 9 Investor: Vivus Kolbenova s.r.o., ze skupiny Pankrác, a.s.
DOCK lokalita STŘED, bytové domy Place: Praha 8 Investor: CRESTYL
Vivus Argentinská Place: Praha 7, Holešovice Investor: Vivus Argentinská, a.s., from Pankrác, a.s.
Suomi Hloubětín, VII. etapa PORVOO, 103 bytů Place: Praha 9, Hloubětín Investor: YIT Stavo, s.r.o. from YIT Group
Obchodní centrum Letná Place: Praha 7, Holešovice Investor: Holešovický Trojúhelník, a.s., from Lordship Group
Modřanský Háj Place: Praha 12, Modřany Investor: Modřanský Háj, s.r.o., Modřany Villas,s.r.o., Avestus Real Estate (Czech Republic), s.r.o.
Oaks Prague (RPC Nebřenice) Place: Popovičky, část Nebřenic Investor: Arendon a.s.
AALTO Cibulka Place: Praha 5 Investor: YIT Stavo, s.r.o. fromYIT Group

„REMIN spol. s r.o. has been on the market since 1990. ”

About us

REMIN provides a wide range of construction and development services. Currently, we can offer you comprehensive services focusing on preparation and implementation of even the most complex projects.Our services include construction preparation, project management, investor technical supervision, OSH coordinator and many others. The high quality of our services enables us to cooperate with a significant group of national and international clients.



Housing project developed the DOCK by Crestyl Co in a dynamically developing location on the border between Karlín and Libeň was completed. REMIN was the Technical supervision of the investor…

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NEW flats in Argentinská

The housing project Vivus Argentinská developer by Pankrác a.s., where REMIN was Technical supervision of the investor and a Site Safety Coordinator, was completed. The housing project Vivus Argentinská provides…

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